Sure Gel: Can Pectin Mask the Presence of Drugs in Urine?

Recently, stories have reached the DAR program about the consumption of Sure Gel pectin solution as a means of masking THC in otherwise positive urine tests. Sure Gel, made up mostly of dextrose and fruit pectin, can be found in most American grocery stores. Sure Gel is a powder that easily dissolves in water. If mixed with modest amounts of water and allowed to dry, the emulsifying gel will become a substance that can be used to seal a jar of fruit preservatives for storage. Rumor has it that by adding Sure Gel to a gallon of water and drinking that water as quickly as can be tolerated, the solution will impede the release of THC into urine by somehow altering pH. Plenty of successful test-beaters have reported their triumphs using Sure Gel. But as many if not more have reported that the technique was useless, a waste of time and served as a dangerous recommendation to marijuana smokers who had serious interests in beating an upcoming drug test. In assessing the veracity of this claim, we believe that any success that is claimed by Sure Gel ingestion is due to the dilution of urine achieved when gallons of water are consumed before a test. In a case like that, collected urine will look obviously dilute, if not totally clear. By taking B vitamins, or niacin etc., someone using the Sure Gel technique can bring color back to what would otherwise be a clear case of dilution.

Some Sure Gel experimenters cautioned against the use of the substance in as much as they developed serious cases of constipation following their ingestion of the substance. In one instance, a Sure Gel user ended up in the emergency room with serious gastric distress. No information was offered as to whether or not he/she beat the drug test that prompted the effort.

At this juncture, claims about Sure Gel as a means of masking drugs in urine seems to be a case of much ado about nothing.

From MEDTOX Scientific.

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