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Global Safety Network, Inc. Announces Aquisition of JnR Training, LLC.

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Grand Forks, ND—Global Safety Network, Inc., a leading source for complete employment screening and safety compliance services, today announced it has acquired JnR Training, LLC, a company devoted to providing companies and employees with the most advanced web based training and safety compliance services, based in Ardmore, Oklahoma. JnR Training, LLC has served their clients with web based training, safety compliance, operator qualifications, safety consulting, and safety training.
Both Global Safety Network, Inc. and JnR Training have deep roots in the industry, and are well known for providing Third Party Administration, drug and alcohol, human resources, and safety management services to clients. With a great commitment to customer service, JnR Training, LLC has established itself with its customers in providing critical safety services to the oil and gas industry through their qualified Compliance Specialists.
With this combination, Global Safety Network will dramatically expands its ability to serve the safety needs of its client partners and will further enhance service offerings to these customers through the introduction of additional safety services such as online training, DOT audits, DOT file maintenance, safety consulting, onsite OSHA required training and database management, such as ISNetWorld, PEC, and Veriforce.
“We are excited to partner with the innovative and talented team at JnR Training, LLC,” said Chris Greenburg, Chief Executive Officer of Global Safety Network, Inc. “The team has a commitment to excellence that meshes with our own and their qualified personnel are a great complement to our family. We are looking forward to extending our additional capabilities in Third Party Administration, HR Services to their current customers, many of which we serve already. We are proud to have an expanded presence through this partnership with the services of JnR Training, LLC.”
“Our customers have asked us to increase our service offerings in safety for some time. The JnR Training combination enables us to bring this vision to life more quickly through this acquisition. We are excited to provide our customers even more value and satisfaction and we look forward to attracting new customers with these new services,” noted Bob Peterson, President of Global Safety Network, Inc.
Richard Emberling, President of JnR Services, LLC, said, “We are excited to bring our clients additional capabilities now that we are part of the Global Safety Network team. This transaction will be great for our clients and our employees.” Mr. Emberling, as Vice President of the Safety Division, will continue to manage the business with his team to bring an even higher standard of customer service and innovation.

If you would not feel the euphoric effects as stated, why do people make brownies laced with marijuana? What affect does it have?

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

You feel sedation and calming and if you believe the supporters of medical marijuana it relieves pain. The “HIGH” comes when you pyrolize the delta 9 THC.

Can a person tell if marijuana is in a brownie or cookie if you ate it?

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

The food product may taste a little strange depending on the amount added and to what is added. Brownies have so much chocolate they mask the taste. You would not feel the euphoric effects. That occurs when you smoke the marijuana. It would be detected in the urine.