Global Safety Network Editorial

THE WISE PROFESSOR The Difference Between Knowledge and Wisdom

By Jerry LePre

Toward the end of his regional lecture tour, a noted physics professor was challenged by his chauffer who had attended all of the lectures. The long-time driver boasted that he had the professor’s oration memorized. In fact, the chauffer confidently bragged about how he could give the presentation better than the professor.

Amused by this arrogant statement, the wise professor offered his driver the opportunity to switch places with him and conduct the next session. The chauffeur accepted the challenge so the duo made plans to swap identities and clothes. Later that afternoon, with the chauffeur-clad professor sitting in the last row of the auditorium, the impostor presented a flawless lecture filled with memorized facts. As he was leaving the podium, a student raised his hand to ask a question. At first this deviation from the norm surprised the wannabe scholar. Looking a bit startled, he stopped and cautiously invited the question.

After hearing the inquiry, he briefly paused, chuckled, and said with a confident tone, “That is a dumb question. In fact, the answer is so obvious my chauffeur in the back will answer it.”

Like the arrogant chauffeur, we often pretend to have discernment even when we don’t understand what we are saying. Instead of a keen perception, we mistake the knowledge of some memorized facts to be synonymous with wise insight. We forget that facts, without the comprehension of truth, don’t make us wise.

Therefore, it is my prayer that our political leaders, our business leaders, and family leaders all use wisdom in making wise decisions based on the principles and values that made this country great. For too long, our leaders have relied on the knowledge of compromise instead of the corner stone of wisdom.

We have become so obsessed with being politically correct that we have forgotten about being PRUDENTLY CORRECT.

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