Art Greenberg: The Legacy of a Leader Vision, Purpose, Faith, and Integrity

Arthur Greenberg, Jr. was a BIG MAN with BIG DREAMS and a BIG HEART.  He was a man of vision, passion, faith, and integrity. In fact, those who knew him best say his tall stature was only exceeded by his immense generosity and bigger than life personality.

Art_GreenbergAs a shrewd, yet fair and compassionate, business man, Art Greenberg, developed most of the southwest side of Grand Forks. However, his contributions to the city that he loved was much more than just building structures of brick and stone. He was a difference maker who made a difference in the lives of so many people.

“There aren’t many people who have lived in Grand Forks who weren’t touched in one way or another by Art Greenberg, either by the development he brought to town or by the personal relations he had with them,” Grant Shaft, a longtime attorney for the family, said.

Art Greenberg, who was usually seen wearing his favorite Stetson hat, was described as being bigger than life by his son Chris Greenberg, the founder and CEO of Global Safety Network. In fact, friends often said that the only thing bigger than Art Greenberg was his vision of growth, which was as big as the North Dakota sky.

Bob Peterson, who is an executive consultant to Greenberg Enterprises, describes his first meeting with this local icon as unforgettable. “In walks Art like John Wayne with an aura of confidence and charisma,” Peterson said.

According to his family friends, and business associates, Art Greenberg was always the optimist who saw the opportunity in every challenge. It is with this never-give-up spirit that he was always able to use a setback as a setup for success.

“There wasn’t a negative fiber in his body, even up to the end,” said Skip Greenberg, one of his four children and owner of Greenberg Realty. “He was the ultimate optimist.”

Art Greenberg, who started his career as an innovative farmer, never lost focus of his family roots that were grounded on faith. As a result, his efforts of charity were well known. “He once financially supported a local businessman who was about to lose his business and didn’t ask to be paid back,” Shaft said. “He was just helping a person in need, and there’s many, many stories like that about Art.”

Peterson said it best, “Art touched the lives of many. His business acumen, integrity, frankness, and courage for a cause and a value system cannot be denigrated. He was a man we will not forget.”

Arthur Greenberg Jr. passed away on Wednesday March 16, 2016. He was 81. Yet his unselfish love as a husband, dad, grandfather, father-in-law, and business leader will live on in the memories of those he touched. His legacy of generosity, kindness, and dreams fulfilled will always have its rightful place in the hearts and history of those who call Grand Forks home.

Art Greenberg will be remembered as the BIG MAN with the BIG DREAMS and the BIG HEART. He was an extraordinary visionary who

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