Job offers are often more than 25 percent below previous salary

Insufficient pay is main reason unemployed workers reject a job opportunity

According to Personified, a talent consulting division of CareerBuilder, a new survey showed that 17 percent of unemployed workers have received at least one job offer since they have become unemployed. Of these workers, 92 percent rejected the offer. Fifty-four percent reported the pay was more than 25 percent below the salary they earned in their most recent position.

Unemployed women were less likely to receive a job offer, and fourteen percent stated they had been offered at least one position during their unemployment compared to 20 percent of unemployed men.

Unemployed men reported a higher incidence of offers falling short of salary expectations. Fifty-six percent of men stated the pay offered was more than 25 percent below their previous salary compared to 49 percent of women.

Although insufficient pay was the number one reason unemployed workers turned down a job opportunity, other factors included a long commute, a lower title, the position being outside of their field, little room for career advancement and a poor hiring process.

Termination of health benefits is one of the main concerns of unemployed workers. Forty-nine percent of all unemployed workers reported that they do not have health insurance. Among workers who have been unemployed for more than a year, the number is 55 percent.

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