More Bad News for Marijuana Smokers

From MEDTOX Scientific: Another peer-reviewed study has been released that casts more critical attention on the roll of cannabis in the aggravation of psychosis. The research further confirms that chronic marijuana use can lead to classic drug dependency and a prolonged, angst tinged abstinence syndrome. Researchers in the Netherlands led this study that analyzed some 1092 psychotic patients, 1057 of their siblings, and 590 controls that had no personal or family psychiatric history[1].

Siblings who used marijuana were 10 times more likely than their non-using siblings (controls) to exhibit symptoms of psychiatric. In this case, non-psychotic marijuana smokers developed symptoms of psychosis that were similar to family members who were associated with psychiatric histories. The symptoms exhibited by the marijuana smokers did not rise to the level of undisguised psychosis, but they did rise to a level of disorder that fits into the psychotic spectrum. The message here is that people with a family history of psychosis should be warned that marijuana use might exacerbate or trigger latent symptoms of mental illness. It is possible that cannabis tinkers with dopaminergic systems that may be susceptible to dysregulation in families with a history of mental illness. People in such situations should be sensitive to the effects of marijuana on mental health.

This research is interesting because many marijuana users suggest that THC calms or turns down the noise in their brains associated with stress and fatigue. It may be that for some users that cannabis is actually antagonizing and accelerating the destabilization of neurotransmitter systems in the brain. Cannabis may quite clearly be a triggering event to a future sequence of psychotic incidents. Pot smoking is looking less and less like a new world medicine.

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  1. I started smoking marijuana occasionally during my sophomore year of college. It eventually became a daily ritual during my junior year, after I joined a fraternity. My life went to shambles. I was a great student and person before marijuana enterted my life, but after it worked its way in my grades fell dramatically and I was detached from reality. I wanted NOTHING but marijuana. I eventually had to drop out of that school to get my life back on track. After I stopped smoking, my life began to turn around for the better again, and I have been extremely successful at my new school, weed free. Some people can handle it and remain successful, but others, such as myself, can’t. It’s entirely a personal decision, but my life is far superior without marijuana, and I am thankful I was able to kick the habit. ! I recommend visiting marijuana doctors was founded to act as the trusted gateway for patients searching for medical marijuana treatment in legal medical marijuana states. Hope this helps.

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