New Jersey Sets Deadline for Storeowners to Surrender Bath Salts

New Jersey’s attorney general has told storeowners who are selling synthetic drugs, known as bath salts, that they have 10 days to voluntarily surrender the drugs or they will face criminal penalties, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Bath salts, sold under names including “Ivory Wave” and “Vanilla Sky,” were put on New Jersey’s Controlled Dangerous Substance list this week. They are most commonly sold in smoke shops and gas stations.

Attorney General Paula Dow announced that by May 18 store owners who sell bath salts must either surrender them or face possible arrest on charges of distribution, sale or possession of drugs. They could face three to five years imprisonment and a fine of up to $25,000.

Bath salts can cause effects including hallucinations, anxiety and paranoia, as well as greatly increased blood pressure and heart rate, Ms. Dow said.

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  1. I question just how long it’s going to take for “bath salts” to be illegalized in the US. Appears like it is on the state level right now. Also, right now there a couple diverse chemical substances that are called bath salts.

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