What happens if someone uses an old DOT form after November 30th?

If the collector uses a non-Federal form or an expired CCF for the test, this flaw may be corrected through the procedure set forth in Sec. 40.205(b)(2), provided that the collection testing process has been conducted in accordance with the procedures of this part in an HHS-certified laboratory. During the period of October 1, 2010-November 30, 2011, you are not required to cancel a test because of the use of an old CCF. Beginning December 1, 2011, if the problem is not corrected, you must cancel the test.

How are drug test problems corrected?

If the problem is the use of a non-Federal form or an expired Federal form, you must provide a signed statement (i.e., a memorandum for the record). It must state that the incorrect form contains all the information needed for a valid DOT drug test, and that the incorrect form was used inadvertently or as the only means of conducting a test, in circumstances beyond your control. The statement must also list the steps you have taken to prevent future use of non-Federal forms or expired Federal forms for DOT tests. For this flaw to be corrected, the test of the specimen must have occurred at a HHS-certified laboratory where it was tested consistent with the requirements of this part.

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